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And when kids were spanked they turned out better. While I believe that spanking does not work with some children, after all we are all different. No, it is not encouraging you to spoil your kids, simply not make them into more mad-persons we have running around like myself with -ANY- sort of abusive treatment Vocal recording engineered by Chris Tabron. Submitted by Keith on July 24, - pm.

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The bible also says: Submitted by Anonymous on December 17, - pm. Subscribe Issue Archive. Maybe some Spank Spike wheels? Let's be real, atheists are too stupid to read the Bible anyway; they wouldn't understand it, lol! Saturday Morning Cartoons.

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Dance, Big Daddy, dance. TouchMeslowly Aug 8, at Is considered "shouting" Submitted by Rey Hawk on November 6, - pm. After the show, he went on an Instagram posting tear to share his surreal experience. Pathways Out of Depression Journalist Johann Hari describes several potential ways to get your life back. He is a profligate and a drunkard. Um, yeah, but that's different.
Further, spanking under those circumstances can teach that physical force is truly a last resort. People without morals a. And save your breath about the Bible doesn't say to spank, it does. And more than that we actually have scruples and care about others, unlike these youngsters growing uo today that are rude mouthy little brats!!!!! Conservative Clothing But our own military may not be as enlightened as you think. DirtyDee Aug 8, at
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not asian though, very sexy video though
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