Older woman showing vulva

Write me at sexpert seniorplanet. Hope this might be of help to someone out there. I truly enjoy the newly found sex but have developed a vaginal discharge that smells. A biopsy was performed, and a course of high-potency topical steroids prescribed. By the age of 60, nearly 60 per cent of women experience problems with vaginal dryness. Articles should be no longer than words, may include one box, figure or table and should begin with a very brief description 75 words or less of the clinical situation. How can I move forward—or should I just look for men who are no longer interested in sex —Too Loose.

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Vaginal Discharge

Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. In the absence of this good bacteria, you will be more prone to infections like urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis, as well as STIs. I may not be post menopausal, but I have had changes recently. After menopause, you can no longer become pregnant. Vulvar cancer is named for the type of tissue where the cancer started. In fact, when I check pH on women who are using boric acid, the pH is always high, except for in those patients who are non-compliant. The way to address it is to restore the vaginal pH through a combination of healthy eating, exercise and internal vaginal massage.

Vaginal Dryness - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment & Alternative Therapies | Everyday Health

Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; chap Many postmenopausal women experience GSM. One clear sign of aging occurs when your menstrual periods stop permanently. Thursday, October 24, Therefore, for many years, I have been doing Kegel on a regular basis. This could be the Vaginal Renewal program or some other internal massage that promotes blood flow to the vaginal skin and encourages skin cell turnover.
What should this patient be told about the prognosis? Vaginal dryness; MedlinePlus. This is treatable and I thank her for bringing this topic forward. Vaginal moisturizers are available without a prescription. You need to get your issue diagnosed before it can be treated. If you are on the pill, or have taken it previously, your vagina may become drier in your thirties — experts believe that because the pill stops ovulation, you might not produce as much natural lubrication at this time of the month. The authors would like to thank Dr.
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