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It may mean that the person waits too long to urinate, or urinates too frequently, or even tries to urinate when the muscles keeping the urine in the bladder the sphincter muscles are clamped down. Voiding against a closed sphincter: Many things may cause a child to be unable to relax their sphincter muscles when trying to urinate. Imagine squeezing down on a balloon while the fingers on the other hand squeeze the neck of the balloon shut-this generates a lot of tension and pressure in the balloon. Be sure to talk to your child's doctor before starting any complementary or alternative therapy. It can help if a child has a way to tell the teacher or other kids to wait until he gets back before going on with an activity. What are the treatments for dysfunctional voiding? After her having mastered toileting, to have her begin having daily accidents is upsetting for you, not to mention inconvenient.
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Make Daytime Wetting a Thing of the Past

Wetting the bed is caused by a mix of three things: the body making a large amount of urine through the night; a bladder that can only store a small amount of urine at night; and not being able to fully wake up from sleep. A few weeks after our daughter Megan started kindergarten I thought I smelled urine on her clothes. Impact of bed-wetting Because of the stigma and shame associated with bed-wetting, its devastating impact on young people is often unappreciated. This abnormal activity of the sphincter muscles occurs in most children with voiding dysfunction. Sometimes these simple measures can alleviate bed-wetting.
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10 Bed-Wetting in Young Adults- English

Love your daughter unconditionally, and remove the stress. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Often these children also learn to hold back their urination by tightening the sphincter muscles. Your mom or dad can also give you tips on how to cope, especially if he or she had the problem as a teen. A teacher who is busy teaching is unlikely to pay much attention to a damp spot on a child's trousers or skirt. If found, underlying causes of bed-wetting, such as constipation or sleep apnea, should be addressed before other treatment.
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It often takes one to three months to see any type of response and up to 16 weeks to achieve dry nights. For children with a large bladder, who do not void often, the best treatment is frequent trips to the bathroom about every 2 hours. Since these bladders may be stretched out and not empty well, it is important for many of these children to sit down and spend several minutes trying to make sure the bladder is completely empty. Research has led to new types of treatment. He just started kindergarten and all of a sudden he's coming home with wet pants! Sure enough, her panties were damp. Does the child ever seem to have urinary urgency?
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